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Golden means good, right? With our Tycoon RNG Golden guide, you can find out whether or not the Golden trait is ideal or not for your tycoon!

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Tycoon RNG Golden

‘Golden’ isn’t a rarity, nor is it a colour scheme of a machine part. It’s actually a trait! Every obtainable part (except a few) is either Golden, Overclocked, or Negative, with some being a combination of 2 or 3. In this guide, we’re taking a closer look at the Golden trait in particular, and whether or not it’s any different to the others.

As for how rare Golden parts are, they’re in the middle of Negative and Overclocked, with the former being the most powerful in terms of buffs. That’s if it’s solely a Golden machine part though. If it’s a combination of Golden and Negative, then it’s much rarer, and vice versa when Overlocked is added into the mix.

One notable difference is that the Golden trait grants a machine part with a 25x multiplier for the ore output. This again puts it in the middle of Overclocked and Negative. The more ore output your tycoon has, the better.

This increases your maximum income as a whole due to more ores being sold. This multiplier can stack when a part has a combination of the traits, making a Negative/Golden drop a strong duo, and a combo of 3 traits being the best of all.

Golden Machine Parts (Without Other Traits)

Let’s see which machine parts you can obtain that have the sole trait of Golden.

  • Golden Heat Dropper 1 in 1.55K
  • Golden Surge Dropper 1 in 2.35K
  • Golden Vortex Melter 1 in 9.44K
  • Golden Void Shrine 1 in 14.2K
  • Golden Entity Zero 1 in 30.8K
  • Golden Starlight Transformer 1 in 39.5K
  • Golden Floral Obliterator 1 in 394K
  • Golden Sunstone Pylon 1 in 134K
  • Golden Heavenly Ruins 1 in 285K
  • Golden Metropunk Clockwork 1 in 672K
  • Golden Oil Distillery 1 in 906K
  • Golden Blookstruck Ritual 1 in 1.77 million

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