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One of Fortnite’s greatest strengths is that it’s a free-to-play game, accessible to anybody with a device capable of running it. 

But just because it’s free, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend money on it. After all, V-Bucks—Fortnite’s in-game currency—let you do more than just buy stuff you don’t need. 

They let you personalize your in-game experience with custom skins, weapons, and emotes, while also supporting the game’s growth to ensure that the exciting new content keeps coming. 

Getting hold of V-Bucks is cheaper than you might think. For instance, you can load up on discounted in-game currency by buying a cheap PSN Gift Card

Here’s why you should do just that. 



By buying custom skins, you can ensure that your in-game character reflects whatever attitude and vibe you’re trying to project. Emotes let you take this a step further by letting you celebrate victories in unique ways. 

Research has shown that gamers identify with their in-game avatars, so the ability to customize them can make all the difference. This applies to your gear, too. Equipping flashy weapons, gliders, and so on can help you cut a dash.

To Support the Game’s Growth

If there’s no such thing as a free lunch, you can be damn sure there’s no such thing as a free AAA multiplayer videogame. 

The truth is, Epic Games needs money to keep Fortnite fresh and fun, and that money comes from people like you. Buying V-Bucks allows the studio to continue developing new modes, improving the game’s performance, and generally making the game a welcoming place to be.

Chances are, you didn’t spend much on Fortnite when you first started playing it, and this accessibility allowed you to grow your skills and sculpt your online identity. Now it’s time to pay it forward so the next generation can follow in your footsteps.  

To Build the Community

In addition to funding general improvements, V-Bucks also finance the seasons and special updates that are so central to Fortnite’s appeal. 

At the core of these initiatives is community. Events in Fortnite tend to encourage cooperation and competition between players, creating the sort of supportive space that you want to spend time in. 

So by contributing to the cost of these seasons, updates, and events you’re actively improving your favorite pastime—not only by customizing your avatar or accessing exclusive content, but by helping to build the world itself. 

The Perks of Gift Cards

Fortnite characters on the new chapter 4 map.

While it’s possible to buy V-Bucks in-game, gift cards are an increasingly popular method of obtaining this currency on Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, Steam, and so on. 

Not only are gift cards a supremely flexible option, allowing you to buy games, DLCs, and even hardware, but they’re a safer alternative to credit cards and other means of payment in terms of budget management. 

Plus, gift cards can save you money. 

Digital marketplaces like Eneba often sell V-Bucks gift cards for well below the RRP, so it’s an absolute no-brainer to pay them a visit when the time comes to replenish your account—or make any digital gaming purchase whatsoever, for that matter. 

Smart Tips To Save Money

You can squeeze even more value out of your gaming gift card purchases by timing them around sales, and taking advantage of bulk buying discounts. 

In terms of Fortnite specifically, it’s always a good idea to time your purchases around seasonal game events. These often feature exclusive, time-limited items, and buying V-Bucks at the right time to save you missing out.

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