Tycoon RNG Efficiency Guide – How To Get 100 Efficiency!

Feature image for our tycoon rng efficiency guide which shows the white board behind the spawn tile with 1T cash income, 61% efficiency and 17 ores in transit

My Tycoon RNG Efficiency Guide is your efficient guide to knowing how to maximise your efficiency and what it means to do so. If you want your Tycoon to thrive and haul in the cash then you’ll want to ensure your set-up is perfect, which this guide tells you how to do… Efficiently!

It’d be efficient for you to hop on Tycoon RNG via Roblox and start rolling for parts. For more Tycoon RNG content, check out my Tycoon RNG Negative Guide and my Tycoon RNG Rarest Guide.

Tycoon RNG Efficiency Guide

Checking your current setup efficiency is as easy as spawning onto your Tycoons platform and looking at the board behind the spawn tile which displays your Cash, Efficiency and current Ores in transit. Your Efficiency measures your Tycoon equipment placement and income and determines a percentage based on this.

This percentage fluctuates as your Tycoon expands and is in your control to maximise. Ideally, you want 100% Efficiency, though this is hard to achieve.

How To Increase Efficiency

Start with your ore droppers and really study their effects including their vulnerabilities, drop speed and base ore value. Building from this, placing your upgrades should become easier. For example, the Golden Natures Embrace dropper has Fire Vulnerability and 1.6x Wet application to its dropped ores.

Due to the Fire Vulnerability, you shouldn’t place any Ore Upgrades which apply any sort of Fire trait as this will annihilate the Ore preventing it from reaching the selling chamber. Having good placement and balance around your Tycoon will generate more cash and Ores, and help you be a bit of a show-off within the server.

This also means that not every item rolled for is better than your current setup even if it’s a higher rarity. It’s always worth reading into the item’s description by hovering over its name to see if its effects are desired for your Tycoon build.

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