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Need to stealthily infiltrate one of The First Descendant Outposts? This guide offers the best Descendant for the job and how to infiltrate with nobody seeing you.

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The First Descendant Outpost Guide

There are multiple outpost missions that you can play through and farm across the map in The First Descendant. Each one grants you a variety of rewards, with some outposts including special resources such as Amorphous Material Patterns. No matter where you are in the game progression-wise, you’re going to need to farm these outposts at some point.

To get the additional rewards, you must meet the requirement for a ‘Successful Infiltration’. These extra rewards usually include the Amorphous Material Patterns and other rare items. To complete the ‘Successful Infiltration’, you need to turn off all devices in the output without being seen by the enemy. Once you’ve deactivated every device, you can kill the boss and surrounding enemies to complete the mission.

Best Method For Outpost Farming

It sounds easy enough, but to maximise your stealth, unlocking Sharen is the way to go. Once you have Sharen, clearing these outposts in stealth mode becomes second nature. Her ability, ‘Active Camouflage’, allows her to become invisible until she attacks or uses any of her skills. To deactivate the devices, you can interact with them rather than shoot them.

However, if you’re on a public server, other players can ruin the fun by diving in head first and shooting the enemies. Thus, your stealth run is nullified. The best way to counter this is to make a private server for yourself, so you can farm as many outposts as you want without the worry of another player destroying your efforts.

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