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Before you start farming for The First Descendant MP Collector, let’s take a look to see if it’s worth it! Many players say it’s one of the best, but is it?

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The First Descendant MP Collector

The MP Collector is an Ultimate rarity module that you can equip your Descendants with. As it’s of the Ultimate rarity, it’s not overly easy to get your hands on, but it’s not impossible. What it takes is a lot of farming!

It’s a Descendant Module, which means it directly buffs your character no matter their class or role. It resides in the Xantic Module Socket Type and costs 6, which can be halved upon Prestige – if you’re not sure how the prestige system works, read our The First Descendant Prestige guide.

Is the MP Collector the Best Module?

But what does the module do? Well, as the name suggests, it’s got something to do with your MP! Upon defeating an enemy, you regenerate 12.2% of your maximum MP stat. This buff has a 4% chance to occur when at the base level.

What makes it so great is the fact that it works for any Descendant. The chance percentage also increases as you rank up the module, so you won’t be stuck at a 4% chance forever. The more you rank it up, the more likely you are to regenerate MP.

How to Get the MP Collector

There are plenty of missions to farm when trying to acquire the MP Collector module. You can see that the Normal difficulty missions reside in Vespers, so you need to make sure you have this area of the map unlocked beforehand.

You can choose any of these missions, especially if you get bored of doing the same one. However, the first mission at the top is the most recommended option. This mission is the ‘Void Fusion Reactor – Vespers Ruins’. To participate in a Void Mission, you must have Void Shards. For this mission in particular, you need 11 Polymer Void Shards and 4 Monomer Void Shards.

The MP Collector module has a 2% drop rate chance when you complete this mission. As you can see, it’s extremely rare, so the likelihood is that you won’t get it on your first go!

How to Get Void Shards for Void Missions

To obtain Void Shards, you can farm the Void Fragment mission in the Sterlie Land. The Monster Level is 10 so it’s pretty easy to do! You do need an Electric skill module or a Descendant that utilises Electric in their attacks though.

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