Helldivers 2’s latest hotfix aims to free those trapped in infinite drop-in jail, as Arrowhead teases info on next warbond is coming “soonish”

If you’ve been trying to drop into a firefight in Helldivers 2 recently and have ended up getting stuck in an infinite loading screen loop, then good news. The game’s latest hotfix is aimed squarely at stopping that from happening as much. Also, Arrowhead’s teased that we might start getting some info on the next warbond “soonish”.

As outlined in a set of patch notes that’s mostly made up of the usual section on “Known Issues”, Arrowhead’s used patch 1.000.405 to specifically home in on one issue. It’s those poor folks who’ve tried to join the action, but have ended up trapped in the hellpod drop-in loading screen, with it infinitely looping rather than the game allowing itself to move on the next stage of depositing affected divers in their planet of choice.

It’s important to note that, while the fix “aims to reduce the number of people” currently being affected by the issue, it doesn’t sound like Arrowhead’s totally eliminated it, so you might need to file another bug report if you hop on today after updating and find that you’re still experiencing the problem. It goes without saying, but if you do, please think of the poor folks who’ve got to read it, even if you’re understandably frustrated.

Outside of this, while Super Earth will be waiting a while to actually gets its hands on the “interplanetary battle station” yesterday’s Major Order victory earned the plans for – as expressly stated in the notification players got upon securing the W, there is something that could be worth getting excited about soon.

On the game’s Discord server this morning, community manager Baskinator was asked if folks can expect any info on the next warbond that’ll follow Viper Commandos soon, and they replied: “Soonish yes. I don’t have an exact date on the announcement, but we’re getting closer.” While they were understandably tight-lipped when it came to details, they did say: “I will tell you it is a good warbond and I like it,” later adding: “I can’t give any hints, but I feel like this one is going to grant a wish I’ve seen from folks.”

A screenshot of Helldivers 2 community manager Baskinator's Discord comment about warbond info.
Image credit: VG247

So, there you go. What are you hoping for from Helldivers 2’s next warbond, whenever it arrives? Let us know below.

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