2XKO gets a new fighter with Braum, a hard-hitting defensive powerhouse

2XKO has just gotten a brand-new gameplay reveal trailer for Braum, a hard-hitting defensive bruiser that’ll pack brawn, porros, and his signiture mustache into Riot Games’ upcoming fighting game.

Revealed on social media and YouTube, the trailer shows off a bit of Braum’s gameplay, his supers, and what seems to be a damaging taunt in which he throws a tiny poro at the opponent. If you want to check it out youself, you can do so below!

This comes less than two weeks before Evo 2024, at which a demo of 2XKO will be playable by attendees. This demo will include Braum, as confirmed in the game’s most recent dev diary, so those travelling to Vegas will be able to try him out personally. For those unable to go, he’ll also be present in the upcoming Alpha test, which you can sign up for right now.

This marks the 6th playable character we’ve seen a trailer for as of writing. We’ve seen glimpses of Jinx in previous videos, but she’s yet to make an official appearance in her own gameplay trailer. Katarina was also present in a super-early video for the game while it was in-development, but she’s also been MIA ever since.

Also in the trailer, we see a new coastline stage as well as a intro cinematic seemingly custom made for the trailer in which Braum comes to Illaoi’s rescue. It’s all very on-theme, though it is surprising that we’ve not seen a Freljord stage considering Braum’s origin.

Are you excited to try out Braum? Let us know below!

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