The Flock, The Latest Instalment In The Racing Series Lets You Race In Flocks!

Wix Games is back with yet another Duck Life. It’s Duck Life 9: The Flock and your duckies are going 3D this time. After Battle, Adventure, Space, Treasure Hunt and more, what does The Flock bring to you this time? Keep reading to know.

Duck Life 9: The Flock Lets You Race, As Usual

Just like its prequels, you raise a team of ducklings into the ultimate racing squad. In Duck Life 9: The Flock, everything’s been amped up to be bigger and 3D. It has a cartoony art style that makes the ducks cuter. Battling has been ditched in favour of focusing solely on racing.

The game kicks off with you taking on Featherhaven Island, meeting new friends, recruiting teammates and aiming for the crown. Your flock is your team of up to fifteen ducks. The flock feature is impressively detailed and adds a fun distraction from the main gameplay loop.

The island is vast, with nine amazing realms to explore. It includes floating towns, mushroomy caves and crystal deserts. You can expand your town with shops, houses, and decorations. Farming and gathering resources become your daily tasks as you build and manage your flock of racers.

You get to pick your ducks and customise them with zillions of combinations. Training is essential, and there are over 60 mini-games to try out. Farming, fishing and cooking are additional tasks that you’ll come across.

The races in Duck Life 9: The Flock are the best in the series. You get live commentary, multiple paths, shortcuts, power-ups and energy management. There are new tightrope sections requiring a balancing skill. Feeding and upgrading your flock is fun, too! You’ll discover recipes and search for hidden jelly coins, golden tickets and even buried treasure.

Will You Try It Out?

You can play the beginning of Duck Life 9: The Flock for free. And then you can purchase the full game within the app. Check it out on the Google Play Store, and let us know your thoughts about this new instalment!

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