Seven Knights Idle Adventure Celebrates The Month Of 7k With Free Pulls And Rubies!

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is throwing a party to celebrate the Month of Seven Knights aka Month of 7K. And it’s packed with quite a bunch of goodies and events. Let’s give you the full details so that you can dive into the game ASAP!

What’s Up In Seven Knights Idle Adventure Month Of 7k?

First up, the Month of 7K! Full of Rubies Check-In lets you grab free Rubies in Seven Knights Idle Adventure. Log in for seven days and get 7,700 Rubies up to the sixth day and a whopping 77,700 Rubies on the seventh day.

Next, the Month of 7K! Appreciation Special Check-In lets you snag the Month of 7K Appreciation Chests. But you have to stick around for 14 days. The chests are stuffed with Legendary Hero Summon Tickets 3 (you get seven of them) and Stage Clear Legendary Hero Chests.

These chests can also grant you up to 70 Legendary Hero Summon Tickets 3. Stay active for 14 days straight, and you’ll get 777 of these tickets for free. On that note, take a look at the Month of 7K trailer below!

Will You Grab Your 7Ks?

For new players of Seven Knights Idle Adventure, The Month of 7K! New Welcome Check-In event is more than awesome. Simply log in and play for seven days, and you can collect a total of 77,777 Normal Hero Summon tickets. On Day 1, you get the Month of 7K New Welcome Chest with Hero Summon Tickets, and it only gets better from there.

There are rewards for returning players as well! The Month of 7K! Welcome Back Check-In requires you to log in for seven days and get many goodies. The list includes 7 Seven Knights All Hero Summon Tickets, 4 Four Lords All Hero Summon Tickets and a Four Lords of Old All Hero Summon Ticket.

Go ahead and grab the game from the Google Play Store. I’m sure this event will be quite fun! And be sure to check out some of our other news, too. Battle Alongside Mickey And Friends In Disney Pixel RPG, Now Up For Pre-Registration.

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