Postknight 2 Set To Drop The Helix Saga Finale In The Upcoming V2.5 Dev’loka Update

Postknight 2 is dropping a major update soon! On Tuesday, July 16th, Postknight 2 is set to drop the Turning Tides, v2.5 Dev’loka – The Walking City update. Tons of new things are scheduled as part of the update. You must be as eager to know as I am to tell you all about it.

What’s Coming During The Postknight 2 v2.5 Dev’loka Update?

Let me brief you about the update first. Dev’loka is a mechanical city in the arid wasteland of Helix, bustling with dragon-like creatures called Wyords. You’ll get to see Rho’don, Raz and Almond stir things up and shake Wyords to its core.

The v2.5 Dev’loka update brings a bunch of new adventures and features to Postknight 2. It’ll mark the final chapter of the Helix saga as well. First off, you get to explore the new area of Dev’loka filled with Wyords. While the noble Families enjoy luxury on the surface, some pretty dark secrets are hidden below.

Next, there’s a gripping new story called ‘Ripples of Change.’ Rho’don needs to rally support from the Families to overthrow a power-hungry Champion. You’ll be battling through the Undercity, challenging old traditions, finding love and wrapping up the Helix saga in style.

And with new areas and stories come new enemies and gear. Get ready to arm yourself with fresh equipment to take on moss-covered Machines and other creatures lurking in Dev’loka’s depths. Also, you get to stock up on Amber and Aqua potions to dominate the battlefield.

V2.5 Dev’loka update also brings a new Rank-S Exam to Postknight 2. Earn that Rank-S title and gear up for an epic boss fight. And finally, let’s talk about the new pets! You’ll have two new companions to join you on your journey. They’re the chatty Wickwalk and the fancy, premium pet, Sanguin.

And there’s a lot more added to the game. Why don’t you catch a glimpse of the v2.5 update below?

Postknight 2 is an adventure RPG by the Malaysian indie game studio Kurechii. Check it out on the Google Play Store. And be sure to take a look at our other news. Boomerang RPG: Watch Out Dude x The Sound Of Your Heart Is Probably The Most Hilarious Crossover Ever!

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