It’s A Fluffy Space Odyssey As Claw Stars x Usagyuuun Crossover Drops Today!

Almost one and a half months ago, we brought you the scoop that Appxplore (iCandy) and Minto would be collaborating soon. The entities collaborating would be the respective IPs of the two companies, which are Claw Stars and Usagyuuun. And that time has come already! The Claw Stars x Usagyuuun crossover is now live!

Who Is Making The Special Appearance In The Claw Stars x Usagyuuun Crossover?

If you haven’t heard, Usagyuuun is a stretchy, rice cake bunny from the chat stickers by Minto that’s quite popular. This squishy bunny is bouncing into Claw Stars for a few days. The best thing about the crossover is that it’s Usagyuuun’s first time in a video game, and you get to play as this iconic bunny!

The entry of the cute bunny in the Claw Stars x Usagyuuun crossover has a plot. Basically, Usagyuuun hops onto a spaceship and embarks on a treasure-hunting, animal-rescuing adventure across the Claw Stars universe.

To celebrate Usagyuuun’s big debut, there’s a special Usagyuuun Pack filled with exclusive goodies. You get two new spaceships. The first one is the Usagyuuun Ship, where the bunny dangles wildly out of the spaceship. The other one is the Ninjin Rocket piloted by a mysterious carrot Ninjin!?

There’s also an adorable Usagyuuun Helmet for the floppy bunny ears. You also get 20 quirky spacesuits and two joysticks to choose from. The Naughty Rabbit and Mecha Rabbit Style Station collections have you covered.

You can snag an Usagyuuun Costume and other adorable goodies by completing a special mission involving bunny capsules scattered across the land. For even more perks, get the Usagyuuun Pass. It unlocks the Nekogyuuun Spaceship, where you ride a giant robot cat, and a joystick featuring Usagyuuun and Nekogyuuun in a cute hug.

The Social Side Of Claw Stars Just Got Even More Fun!

There are animated Usagyuuun stickers for chatting with your Squadron, funny foolstone pics for pranking friends and five super cute Usagyuuun profile avatars. Also, you can bring Usagyuuun’s best pal, the cuddly cat Nekogyuuun, on board as a Helper. Collect Nekogyuuun’s DNA to evolve this squishable kitty through four stages of cuteness.

Grab Claw Stars from the Google Play Store to experience the squishy cuteness of the Usagyuuun crossover. And before leaving, take a look at our other news. SoMoGa Drops A Revamped Version Of 16-Bit Classic JRPG Vay On Android.

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