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With our The First Descendant Prestige guide, you’ll be upgrading your module slots in no time! Find out how to prestige in the first place, and the required materials.

Ready to prestige? Learn more about the modules before you dive in via the official website! Use our The First Descendant Amorphous Material Patterns guide to help with your Crystallization Catalyst farming.

How to Prestige in The First Descendant

Reaching Prestige in The First Descendant works similarly to Warframe. Once you Prestige, your Descendant’s level is reset, and you get new upgrades for your modules. To Prestige in the first place, you need a Crystallization Catalyst.

You can obtain this resource by crafting it, as long as you have the required blueprint. Crystallization Catalysts can also be bought for 300 Caliber in the game’s shop, but I suggest going with the first option!

After you prestige a character, the level is reset from 40 back down to 1. But, the positive is that you can then upgrade your sockets! Once you prestige, you can then change your Socket Module Types, cutting the cost in half for those you have chosen. Just make sure the Modules are from the same class/role, etc.

To access this screen, head to the Module section, and then click ‘Module Additional Settings’. Next, you select the Module Socket Type and then the Module Slot.

How to Get Crystallization Catalysts

To get the Crystallization Catalyst blueprint, you must collect the required Amorphous Material Pattern. Check the in-game menu and select the Access Info option, then head to the Amorphous Material tab located on the left.

By checking each pattern, you can see which of them rewards you with a Crystallization Catalyst blueprint. You can also check which Patterns you need by going to the ‘Acquisition Info’ window when selecting the Blueprint via the Crystallization Catalyst crafting screen (this screen can be accessed by talking to Anais in Albion).

For example, some of the options for the Amorphous Material Patterns are 017, 009, 004, 001, 018, 029, 024, 045, 037, 038, and so on. All of these, and others that are not listed, grant you a chance to obtain the catalyst blueprint.

The research recipe for a singular Crystallization Catalyst is:

  • 1 Crystallization Catalyst Blueprint
  • 18 Advanced Neural Circuit
  • 8 Murky Energy Residue
  • 22 Macromolecule Biogel
  • 9 Mixed Energy Residue

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