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It’s no secret that The First Descendant Amorphous Material Patterns is one of the most important resources when it comes to farming. You can’t get certain Descendant Codes, blueprints, and more, without them!

Keep up to date with the latest announcement via the game’s official website. Some of the required missions when it comes to the patterns can only be accessed once you reach a certain level. That’s where our The First Descendant Max Player Level guide comes in! It teaches you how to increase your main level as well as your mastery level.

The First Descendant Amorphous Material Patterns

What are these mysterious clusters? You use them to collect a range of materials, including blueprints, which then help you to unlock new weapons. For instance, you need different Amorphous Material Patterns to obtain the Legendary Divine Punishment weapon. In short, it’s a whole load of RNG.

What Are the Patterns Used For?

With a pattern in your inventory, you must then head into a specific mission or boss fight to be in with a chance of obtaining your desired drop (material, Descendant Code, blueprint, etc). What makes this one of the more challenging ways of getting resources is that you may need multiple patterns for the items that aren’t a guaranteed drop. So, first, you must farm for the patterns, and then farm for the resource in hopes that you get it after a mission or boss battle.

Where to Find the Amorphous Material Patterns Tab

You probably already have some Amorphous Material Patterns in your inventory. You obtain them by simply defeating mob enemies, completing missions, and beating bosses. But, due to there being a variety of different patterns, you might not have the exact ones you need. To find out which patterns you can obtain, you can open the menu, head to the Access Info tab, and then click the Amorphous Material tab on the left.

Hover over each pattern to find out which ones you need and take note of the drop rate chances so you know what to expect. You can also double-check the obtainment method for that specific pattern via this screen. Some are much easier than others to get! There are a few patterns that have a 100% drop rate, whereas others do not have a guarantee.

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