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Want to know more about the Magic RNG Fishing mode? It’s a unique addition to an RNG game, but it’s a useful one, with plenty of luck boosts in store!

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Magic RNG Fishing

In the many RNG games we’ve covered here on Gamezebo, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that has fishing. At first, I was curious to see how the fishing works in an RNG game. What are the fish for? And what do they have to do with rolling for new auras?

How to Unlock Fishing

Firstly, you need to unlock fishing. In the main spawn area of Magic RNG, you can spot a pond to the right of Bill’s Workshop. There will most likely be other players fishing here, so it’s easy to spot, especially with all of the vibrant auras! There’s also a large fishing rod by the pond.

By interacting with the pond, you are met with a prompt that tells you to reach 100 rolls. You cannot fish before rolling 100 times, but this can easily be done by setting ‘Auto Roll’ on and leaving it running in the background. Once you reach 100 rolls, you immediately unlock fishing.

How to Fish

To fish, you walk to the edge of the pond or you can jump right into the water. Press E on your keyboard to get the fishing rod out, and let the rolls begin! Like rolling for auras, you roll for fish. I’m glad that you can simultaneously roll for both fish and auras, as this saves a lot of time.

Your Fishing Luck increases a little every few minutes (there’s a counter above your head when you fish!), and each type of fish has a rarity. You can opt to unlock Quick Fishing and +1 Fishing Luck by spending Robux, but there’s no point to either of these options. The counter stops whenever you stop fishing, so if you want to increase your luck, just keep fishing!

The Purpose of Fishing

Okay, now that you know how to fish, and how to unlock it, let’s dive into why you should fish. To find the fish you’ve collected, open up your inventory by clicking the wand icon above the Achievements icon. Within your inventory, you can see which potions, wands, and fish you have. The fish section is at the bottom of this window!

Click on the different types of fish to see which buffs they provide. To receive these buffs, you need to equip the fish! Alternatively, you can sell the fish you don’t want. From the looks of it, these fish don’t expire, so you can keep them equipped at all times. Once you get a better fish, I recommend selling the ones you no longer need.

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