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Heard about the best weapon for defeating bosses? The First Descendant Tamer is an easy-to-get weapon that dominates in combat. But how do you get it?

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The First Descendant Tamer Guide

To locate the Tamer weapon, you need to have the Agna Desert map unlocked. Once you have it, focus on the ‘The Remnant’ area! There’s a Battlefield Mission here called ‘Abandoned Reconstruction Site’.

Because the Tamer is pretty easy to get, it’s arguably one of the best weapons in the game right now. It deals high DMG and is great to use when battling against bosses. The machine-gun aspect of it means the speed of your DPS output is massive!

It requires blue materials to upgrade, which are fairly easy to farm, so it’s a fantastic choice for both new and veteran players. Especially if you haven’t been able to get an Ultimate or Transcendant weapon drop yet.

In terms of the Descendants you should equip with the Tamer, I recommend either those with the Tank role or those with the none-elemental DPS roles. When dealing high damage to single targets (like bosses), you don’t need to rely on elemental abilities with a weapon like the Tamer!

How to Get the Tamer Weapon

The objective is to disable the generator, and the average monster level is 47. To get to this section of the map, you have to continue with the main story, which will then unlock as you progress. Completing the mission successfully grants you a 50% chance of obtaining the Tamer weapon.

Rarity-wise, it’s classed as Rare, so it’s certainly not impossible to get. You have a 1 in 2 chance of getting in on your first run, with an Impact Round gun (the Immediate Execution) on offer too. You’ll come away from the mission with a brand-new weapon in your arsenal either way! Just make sure you have some extra General Rounds lying around, as you need them for the Tamer.

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