Get Divorced At 3AM Order Code Guide

Want the evil ending for Get Divorced At 3AM? Don’t worry, we have all the answers you seek! Our Get Divorced At 3AM order code guide covers the steps you need to find the order code and get the totally legal divorce papers.

Get Divorced At 3AM is a Roblox game where your wife announced to you that she wants a divorce for reasons even she’s not quite sure of. Head out to find some divorce papers, and possibly find yourself distracted along the way. There are a lot of different endings to find.

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Get Divorced At 3AM Order Code Guide

Here we try and go over everything that you need to do.

Find The Purple Key

Purple key location image for our Get Divorced At 3AM order code guide,

First you’ll need the Purple Key. To get it head behind your house into the woods and look for a big rock sticking out of the ground. Hop up on top and you’ll find the Purple Key. Click on it to pick it up. You won’t hold it, you’ll drag it along behind you. Still, you’ll be able to head back to the street and to the house with the purple lock on the door.

Find The Blue Key

Blue key location for our Get Divorced At 3AM order code guide.

Head into the boarded-up house after opening up the purple lock and make your way inside. Once you get there check under an upturned chair to find the Blue Key you’re looking for! It’s a little tricky to see against the floor so we’ve highlighted it above.

With the Blue Key in hand, head to.. you guessed it, the house with the Blue Lock.

Get Your Code

Code location for our Get Divorced At 3AM order code guide.

Once you’re in the house, head up to the attic and look next to a stack of boxes. You should find your code there. It’s likely to be different so don’t think you can just lift the one from the picture. That would be too easy! Memorize or make a note of your code, and head to the 24/7 store at the end of your street.

Enter Your Code

Shady man location

Head over to the store and talk to the shady-looking fellow in front of it. Agree that you want some of his very legal divorce papers, and when prompted, enter the code. He should give you the papers. Once you have them you can head home and- well, we won’t spoil the ending for you.

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