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Spins have a huge role in your base stats and set-up in the game, so I’ve created this Clover Retribution How To Get Spins Guide. If you’re after new Magic, Race, or Traits, you’ll need to stock up on Spins. This all-important feature randomizes your reward so a re-roll doesn’t guarantee a higher rarity pull. Because of this factor, I recommend getting as many Spins as possible stocked up using my guide as help!

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Clover Retribution How To Get Spins Guide

Let’s get into the few ways to get more Spins!


In terms of actual gameplay, there is only one in-game way to earn Spins. Within the unnnamed village on the purple spawn platform, head out into the Grasslands Forest where a green-haired NPC stands on the outskirts. He has the green D-studs symbol indicating an easy side-quest.

Once every real-world day, this NPC offers you the quest to find 12 Blue Lillies in return for 300 XP, 150 Gold and 3 Spins. Finding Lillies is easy as they spawn around the Forest which he is near.

AFK World

Heading to work, school or bed? Try joining the AFK world for free Spins! As your account sits idle, you’ll build a very slow currency of Spins over hours. The AFK world is undoubtedly the slowest Spin grind. However, if you’re not actively playing Clover Retribution then it shouldn’t be too boring.


Arguably codes are the easiest way to get Spins. Be weary though, as Codes expire and wont redeem multiple times on the same account. That said, all it takes is inputting a code and hitting enter to get showered in free Spins without any gameplay needed!


Whilst easy, this method makes the game no longer F2P. But, if you do have Robux to spare and don’t fancy the hassle of quests, and have expunged the other methods, then this is a solid alternative.

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