ATF Wintertide Summer Rain 2024 Guide

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It’s that time of year again, Wastelanders. Player count has shot up, people are building idler rigs, and everyone’s character just got some fresh new gear all of a sudden. That’s right, it’s ATF Wintertide Summer Rain 2024. We’re here to celebrate the event, and the arrival of the biomass, with a rundown of everything you could get your filthy waster hands on this Summer.

After The Flash Wintertide is available to play right now on Roblox. We’ve also got a Type Soul Vollstandig guide for more Roblox.

ATF Wintertide Summer Rain 2024 Guide

There are three kinds of Summer Rain items you need to know about. We’ve detailed them below.

Summer Rain Level Rewards

Summer Rain Level, or SR Level rewards are rewards you get through reaching the required Summer Rain Level… obviously. You gain SR Levels by playing during the event. Or not playing.. we see you, server idlers. One level per half hour of play time.

  • SR Level 1 – Ranger 12
  • SR Level 3 – Kochikame
  • SR Level 9 – AS VAL
  • SR Level 18 – EF-90
  • SR Level 36 – Energia Mk.5
  • SR Level 60 – Prometheus

Base Level Rewards

Base Level rewards are rewards you get automatically based on your base level in the game. You get one level for every hour spent in-game. If you’re over the required level for an item when you start Summer Rain, you should find it in your tool bench, ready to use!

  • Level 3 – Spade
  • Level 6 – Finch
  • Level 12 – Bobwhite
  • Level 24 – Strata 70
  • Level 48 – PmQ-900
  • Level 96 – Spengler 984
  • Level 500 – Elkstalker

Flash Pass Rewards

A new addition for 2024 is the Flash Pass, a reward pass bought through the in-game shop for 750 Scrap Pieces. Getting the Flahs Pass lets you earn Flash Pass Levels, which count up like Summer Rain levels, and unlock the rewards below.

  • Flash Pass Level 1 – LXXVII
  • Flash Pass Level 5 – Chicxulub
  • Flash Pass Level 10 – Paradigm
  • Flash Pass Level 20 – X14 Droid
  • Flash Pass Level 35 – Bren
  • Flash Pass Level 45 – Swarmer
  • Flash Pass Level 55 – ATV Off-Road Fury II

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