Mihoyo has another hit on its hands, as Zenless Zone Zero hits 50 million downloads not even a week into its release

Zenless Zone Zero is off to a very strong start, as it hasn’t even been a week, but the game has managed to hit 50 million downloads globally.

I think at this point, there’s just no denying that Mihoyo has cemented its place at the top of the mobile game pantheon. It’s been around for a while, but it wasn’t until Genshin Impact where it really blew up. Honkai: Star Rail arrived last year providing a turn-based offering of its well-designed gacha characters, as well as presenting a sci-fi vibe as opposed to Genshin’s fantasy world. Now, this week, Zenless Zone Zero was finally released, a Jet Set Radio-esque game with roguelike elements. Of course, while the answer was probably going to be obvious, there was always the question of whether it would do well or not – and considering that the game’s official Twitter account shared that it has hit 50 million downloads, I think it’s safe to say that yeah, it’s another hit.

“Dear Proxies: Greetings!” reads the tweet announcing the milestone. “Since its release, Zenless Zone Zero has reached 50 million downloads globally. A city that once only existed in the hopes and dreams of the dev team has never been as buzzing with life as it is now. Your patience and support have made New Eridu what it is today. Of course, to live up to everyone’s expectations and truly become a city of miracles, we are aware that there are still lots of improvements to be made. We encourage all Proxies to provide feedback and suggestions via our official channels.”

You might be asking, “why does this matter to me?” and that’s a fair question, but the simple answer to that is that you’re getting a for contributing to that tally. All players that have reached Inter-Knot Lv. 1 or above before the release of version 1.1 will be able to claim 1600 lots of Polychrome, a currency that lets you buy Master Tape, which in turn lets you pull characters. So, potential free characters is the big thing here! Lucky you, ‘ey?

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