Free Lovecraft horror game developers Bit Golem raise $50,000 for humanitarian aid in Ukraine

Dagon: by H. P. Lovecraft developers Bit Golem announced this week that they’ve raised 200,000 złoty (around $50,000) towards humanitarian aid charities aiding Ukranians, including the Polish Red Cross, Save the Children, and Voices Of Children. Dagon itself is a free game, but has several pieces of paid DLC, all of which are currently on sale.

The two-person Polish dev team – who have previously delved into less terrifying waters with work on Ultimate Fishing Simulator – have also hit 1,700,000 downloads of their horror visual novel since launch in 2021. Which, as they say, is “kinda crazy”. But the good kinda crazy, not the kind where you start noticing gills on your neck while shaving in the morning.

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“We debuted Dagon in 2021 as a narrative experiment and our first non-commissioned game,” write Bit Golem. “It became a significant success, and as of the latest transfer, together with you – players from all over the world – we have collected over PLN 200,000 / 50,000$ for charity (organisations such as the Polish Red Cross, Polish Humanitarian Action, Save the Children, or Voices Of Children)! Thank you!”

Alongside a new DLC for Dagon to thank their community, Bit Golem are currently working on Pool Of Madness – quite literally, Lovecraftian pool. With balls and cues and tables. That pool, but with tentacles and roguelike elements. I wrote about the demo here, saying “I can only imagine someone said ‘Cue-thulhu’ by mistake and took it from there.” What a clever little sausage I am.

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