Besiege’s expansion getting five free levels, extra challenges in response to player feedback

Construct ‘n’ destruct sim Besiege recently got a splashy expansion in The Splintered Sea, which Nic enjoyed a lot in his review while calling it compact, small and brisk. Apparently Nic wasn’t alone in this opinion: its developers now say they’re working on a free update that will expand the expansion and make its campaign 50% longer.

The update will add five new levels to The Splintered Sea and will release on July 22nd.

One of the levels will feature a tentacle beast that can rip apart your vessels, as seen in one of the previous Splintered Sea trailers. Another will challenge your steering, by having you build a small ship you need to guide through a series of closing gates. Apparently another will feature a battle against a swarm of sharks.

“We’ve also been experimenting with the idea of adding additional challenges to levels that, while not required for completion, can offer a much greater test of your ability,” says the announcement. The offered example is a series of crates the player can choose to smash through while still completing a level within the time limit.

It’s nice to see Spiderling Studios taking feedback onboard and working to make the expansion more substantial – particualrly because it wasn’t at all bad in the first place, and it would have been easy to leave it as it was. Aside from those dinkonyms above, Nic already referred to it as “an awesome and incredibly complex and worthwhile thing.”

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