ZZZ Tier List – Zenless Zone Zero Launch Rankings!

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Zenless Zone Zero is upon us, and of course that means try to puzzle out what is what and who is who. Today we’re covering characters. The winners, the losers, and everyone in between. Hop on board and take a tour of the roster of Hoyoverse’s newest masterpiece and we’ll let you know who you’re going to spend a lot of your time trying to summon. That’s what the ZZZ tier list is all about, to give you some idea who to look for.

Zenless Zone Zero is available for free via Google Play. We’ve also got a ZZZ Attribute Anomaly guide to help you get to grips with one of the battle mechanics.

ZZZ Tier List

Our tier list runs in descending order of usefulness. S Tiers are the best characters, D Tiers are the worst. We’ve included a few descriptions to make each tier a little bit clearer.

S Tier

The very best characters, super useful, and the gold standard all subsequent characters need to live up to. Don’t hesitate to use these if you’re lucky enough to get one.

  • Ellen
  • Grace
  • Lycaon
  • Rina
  • Soukaku

A Tier

Not quite S Tier, but still super good. These are extremely helpful and hold up perfectly well at clearing content. You’ll need to think pretty hard before swapping these out.

  • Anton
  • Koleda
  • Lucy
  • Nekomata
  • Soldier 11

B Tier

Not bad! These are viable, though might not have the wow factor of higher tiers. If you enjoy them you should absolutely use them, but if you’re struggling for progress then consider a higher tier.

C Tier

A bit below average. These might have some plus sides but they don’t generally make up for their shortfalls.

D Tier


  • There are no D-Tier Agents right now. Trust us, that’s a good thing!

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