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Unsure who the Zenless Zone Zero Best Bangboo is? Our guide will go over what Bangboos are, how to get them, which one is the best and why.

To play ZZZ for yourself, visit the Official Site. Up for a challenge? Take a look at our Zenless Zone Zero Challenge Mode Guide. Or, if you want to know which ZZZ element is best, we have a Zenless Zone Zero Element Tier List.

Zenless Zone Zero Best Bangboo Guide

Let’s dive into it!

What Is Bangboo?

Apart from looking cute, a Bangboo is a small creature that applies passive buffs to your team. You can’t control them, however, when choosing the right one for your team, it will give you a great advantage during battle. You can also apply extra buffs to your Bangboo. To do this, you will need Bangboo Chips. The chips come in different colors, sizes, and rarities, and have different effects – which will transfer onto your Bangboo.

How To Get Bangboo

If you want to get your very own Bangoo, you can obtain them through different events, En-Nies Exchanges, Rally Commissions, and Hollow Zero. You can also pull them from the Bangboo Channel in the Signal Search Gacha. One Signal Search costs 1 Boopon and 10 Signal Searches cost 10 Boopons.

Best Bangboo

With all of that out of the way… which Bangboo is best?

Safety is by far the best Bangboo in ZZZ. Safety will charge at enemies and launch drill attacks, dealing huge physical damage when it hits the target. Both Safety’s Impact and Attack stats are also high, so it is a great Bangboo to use for offense. If you have members of the Belobog Heavy Industries on your team, Chain Attack damage will increase by 20% when using Safety. If your target gets burned or shocked, the damage dealt will go up by another 20% too.

I’ll also include a quick runner-up for the second-best… which is Devilboo! Devilboo shoots bullets that home in on enemies, dealing Ether Anomaly Buildup or Ether Damage. If you have two Ether Attribute characters on your team, Devilboo’s passive ability allows Chain Attack’s Coordination State to last an extra 5 seconds as well as activate 4 more times. Whilst using Chain Attacks, Devilboo will deal additional Ether Damage and inflict Ether Anomaly Buildup for either 30 seconds or 10 activations.

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