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Wanna start building your characters? Have a look at our The First Descendant Module Farm guide to find out how to efficiently obtain new modules and upgrade materials.

To learn more about the free-to-play FPS, head to the official website for The First Descendant. Stuck on Bunny’s exclusive quest? We’ve got a The First Descendant In Search of the Relic walkthrough!

The First Descendant Module Farm Guide

You can obtain modules and upgrade materials from the majority of missions in the game, however, some are much more efficient when farming. You’ll collect modules passively as you progress through the game and take part in various missions, but if you want to spend an afternoon grinding out quick content to farm, this guide’s got all the information you need!

Any Descendant that prioritises AoE abilities is a must for quickly farming missions. The more enemies you can hit, the better. Bunny is a great AoE character, but you’ll have to unlock her first.

Best Missions to Farm

There’s a mission that proves to be the best out of the bunch when it comes to farming for modules and materials. Whilst farming for new mods, you also need to think about gathering the resources to upgrade said mods.

Firstly, head over to the White-night Gulch area on the map. The mission to look for is the ‘Fortress Outskirts’, which luckily, is a Normal Mission. However, the Monster Level is 62, so make sure you’re prepared. This quest is located in the Shipment base area of the Gulch, to the right side of the map. It’s also one of the quickest missions that you can do at this level, making it an efficient way to farm.

Early Game Farm

If you’re looking for an easier method due to being new at the game, there’s another way! The Sterile Land is the place to be when farming for new modules and materials. The best mission in this location is the Kuiper Mine, which is located within the Repository section. The Monster Level is 12, so it’s much more suitable for new players.

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