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Need to find the journal in The First Descendant In Search of the Relic quest? Read on to find out where exactly this journal is located in the Derelict Covert.

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The First Descendant In Search of the Relic

The In Search of the Relic side quest is exclusive to the Descendant, Bunny. It’s part of a larger quest line revolving around the character, which explains her background lore. You need to find the records regarding Bunny’s parents.

These records are apparently located in the Derelict Covert within the Echo Swamp, particularly around the treetops. Once you have the records, you can open up the journal to read or listen to a transcript called ‘Incomplete Conversation Transcript – Cayden and Ember’.

Journal Location

screenshot of the map from the first descendant of the derelic covert area, with the player's triangle pointer by the top treehouse on the map, next to other bushes with paths that link the treehouses together, the entire map is in monochrome bar some quest symbols in blue

Select the Echo Swamp area of the map and use the fast travel Outpost to head to the Derelic Covert. You can make use of the elevators and jump pads that are in place around the Covert. This gets you higher up into the trees. Or, you can use your grapple hook to climb up.

The journal is found at the top of the tree house that has 2 orange circular beams around it. Once you’re on this treehouse, make your way up to the top and search around the higher platforms. To get to these platforms, you can jump up and use your grapple hook.

Regarding where you need to be on the map, it’s slightly to the left of the Northernmost point. You can actually see the treehouses on the map, shown as large bushes with pathways between them. The treehouse you need is the one right at the top!

Once you’ve listened to the record, the next quest unlocks! This quest is ‘Living Witness’ and the first objective requests that you speak to Magistrate Anais in Albion.

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