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Does your team keep wiping to The First Descendant Hanged Man boss? It’s definitely one of the largest learning curves in the game, and forces you to learn a bunch of mechanics and strategies.

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The First Descendant Hanged Man Guide

The Hanged Man boss is a level 55 battle! It’s accessible after defeating the DeadBridge at level 40, the Pyromaniac at level 45, and the Obstructer at level 50. The FrostWalker boss follows up at level 60, which is one of the most difficult bosses to go up against as of right now. Anyway, we’re here for the Hanged Man today, so let’s dive deeper into how to beat the boss!

Hanged Man Weaknesses and Strengths

To access the Hanged Man boss fight, head to the Void Intercept Battle (Hard) selection screen. As mentioned above, this boss battle is available for those at level 55. The Hanged Man uses the Electric element in its attacks, but what is it resistant to?

The Hanged Man is most resistant to the Electric element and the Fire element. Its largest weakness is the Toxic element, so it’s a good idea to play as Freyna or have someone else in your team play as the Descendant.

That or equip your current character with modules that grant you abilities that utilise the Toxic element. It all depends on the modules you have on hand, as well as how much they’ve been upgraded.

Boss Mechanics

This boss fight relies on mechanics and DPS checks. The latter requires you and your allies to deal as much damage as possible when needed. If you don’t pass the DPS check, it may be game over, as the Hanged Man could wipe the entire team.

For the Hanged Man to enter its ‘Enraged’ mode, the tubes in the arena must fill up completely, or someone on your team must pick up the ball in the arena. If this is not picked up within 8 minutes, your team will wipe. Someone needs to sacrifice some of their HP for this no matter what! However, getting close to the middle of the arena unleashes an AoE attack, so be careful.

During the Enraged mode, the Hanged Man is invincible. The only way to deal damage is to focus on the beam of light at its mouth. If this beam isn’t destroyed before it charges up, it produces a large-scale AoE attack that can knock all teammates down or at least most of them. If your HP and DEF stats are high enough before this, you might be okay.

When not Enraged, you can attack any part of the Hanged Man, though it’s best to focus on its weak spots as much as possible. The boss moves around quite a lot, so its weaknesses can be difficult to aim down. With the boss being suspended for the majority of the battle, you must equip long-ranged or medium-ranged weapons rather than close range. Aggro-wise, the Hanged Man randomly focuses on targets, even if you aren’t a Tank.

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