Dog Shelter Is A Mysterious Tycoon Game Where You Take Care Of Your Pets

ALL9FUN has dropped a new game, Dog Shelter, which is actually in open beta on Android. The game combines pet care with business management. Would you like to run an animal shelter while solving a mysterious family tragedy? Then, keep reading!

Here’s What Dog Shelter Is About!

You step into the shoes of Alice, who inherits her grandmother’s dog shelter after a tragic accident. As Alice, your job is to keep the shelter running, find homes for the adorable pups and solve the mystery of what happened to Grandma.

You start with basics like feeding the dogs and taking orders. Then, you start unlocking new facilities, hire staff and learn tasty recipes. Dog Shelter also offers a variety of costumes and accessories like vibrant hats and princess dresses.

One of the special features of Dog Shelter is ‘MyRoom.’ As you level up, you’ll unlock this special space where you can spoil your favourite dogs with snacks. And you can even teach them tricks like shaking hands.

Also, keep an eye out for rare dogs with fur as unique as a unicorn’s mane. Woo them with treats and they might just join your pack! Apart from that, there are fun mini-games like ingredient synthesis, slot machines and dog jumping challenges. You can also visit friends’ special rooms and interact with their dogs.

So, if you’re looking for a game that combines adorable dogs, restaurant management, and a bit of mystery, Dog Shelter is your perfect pick. Check it out on the Google Play Store, it’s free to play. Since it’s in open beta, ALL9FUN is looking for feedback and suggestions from players so that they can expand the gameplay and make it smoother.

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