Dastardly Deeds Are Happening in EPCOT’s Tiny Train Town

Do you know the dastardly deeds of EPCOT’s tiny villagers?

Welcome to the tiny train town!

The tiny train town in the Germany Pavilion in EPCOT has been an epicenter of crime and malarkey for many months now, and we’ve been keeping a close eye on it to see what’s going on. As the town’s self-proclaimed mayor, I try to stop by weekly and reign in the criminals and mischief-makers, so let’s see what they were up to this week!

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First of all, I’ve got to report a derailing! One of our train cars went off the tracks today while passengers were aboard, but I’m happy to say that nobody was injured in this accident. When our team arrived on the scene, officials were already working to get things “back on track.” (Pun totally intended.)

A derailing!

However, I do have a sneaking suspicion that there is trouble afoot with the railroad employees. This afternoon, while some were diligently working at the railyard, others were seen cavorting in whispered tones — obviously plotting something unscrupulous. Could the derailing be an inside job? I’ll be alerting the town’s law enforcement with my suspicions.

Train workers

While no citizens were harmed in the derailing of the train, one villager was injured in an accident today near one of our observation towers. It looks as though the gentleman in question fell over the railing…or was he pushed?! After we got him to the hospital, we began an investigation into these suspicious circumstances. In particular, we’re keeping an eye on his ex-girlfriend, who was seen near the observation tower this afternoon as well.

Oh no!

And speaking of jilted lovers, we’re still on the lookout for a runaway bride at the church! The wedding party and wedding guests have started to arrive, but the lovely lady of the hour is nowhere to be seen. The bride’s parents have issued a plea for their daughter to come back to the church so that they may proceed with the ceremony. (Honestly, if we give it a few days, I’m willing to bet that the groom runs off with the Maid of Honor!)

What’s going on here?

Ultimately, there’s a lot happening in our town these days, and we’re keeping a close eye on the troublemakers. I’m prepared to make some arrests if we find out who’s behind these potentially deadly accidents.

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* The anarchy within is mostly created by natural occurrences, like giant squirrels, wind, rain, and relatively godzilla-sized lizards who frequent the town; but we find it fun and entertaining to make up fictional stories about what COULD be happening.  We are grateful to the folks who create and maintain this Tiny Train Town for Disney World, as it’s one of our favorite parts of EPCOT and always has been.

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