Clover Retribution Mana Flower Guide

Our Clover Retribution Mana Flower Guide is blooming with knowledge about the Mana Flower! We’ll go over what the Mana Flower is, what it does, and how you can get it yourself.

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Clover Retribution Mana Flower Guide

Now… let this guide bloom!

What Is The Mana Flower?

First things first, let’s go over what the Mana Flower is. Mana Flowers are used for crafting different items, as well as needed for completing certain quests. Many NPCs require certain flowers for quests, and once you complete it, you will be given some great rewards.

Mana Flowers are pretty easy to find once you know where to look, but I’ll list some of the best locations to farm for them, so you can get as many as you can! Mana Flowers are often found alongside Lilies, and there are also different varieties of Lilies that offer different things. Both Mana Flowers and Lilies are important to get your hands on!

The Village

There is a hill located in the village area that spawns Mana Flowers and Lilies regularly. When you’re in the village, head northeast to the capital. When the Aetherstone Raid Entrance is on your right, you will find a small hill. Go to the hill, and you will find seven different spawn locations for Mana Flowers and Lilies. Once you pick them it takes 40 seconds until they respawn again. This is the perfect place to farm for the flowers, and you’ll have plenty in no time!

The Spawning Area

Make your way to the spawning area that is engulfed in purple light. From there, walk past the houses and into the forest. Once in the forest, you will find multiple spawning points for the flowers throughout. You get the chance to obtain Mana Flowers, Fire Lilies, and Blue Lilies here.

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