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This devilish Clover Retribution Devils Guide tells you all about this game feature from what it is, how to participate and the benefits. If you want to make like the Chainsaw Man series and have a contract with a devil in return for power, then this is the guide for you!

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Clover Retribution Devils Guide

Selling your soul to the Devil gives you stacks of buffs, but this feature is only available to certain players and under certain conditions. To meet a devil, you must first find a Devil Portal which has a 1% spawn chance during every World Event. That’s not all as to even be deemed worthy to enter you must be level 150.

Once inside, you might get a Devil in one of two ways. Either, you forge a contract with a Devil or you defeat a Devil in combat forcing them to submit and obey you. If you decide on a contract, you pick from 4 options for what you wish to give up to your Devil. If the Devil is of a higher level than you there is a chance the contract will be refused and the player is evicted.

  • Potential – Lose 50% of EXP gain across Mastery, Magic and Weapons
  • Wealth – Lose 50% of your Gold gain to the Devil
  • Health – Lose 15% of your HP
  • Soul – Applies the Soul Drain debuff to the user

Devil Portal Colours

The colour of the portal you enter tells you a little about the Devil you’ll face. This aura outlines the highest stat carried by the Devil within. So, you have the option of hunting around if you have the time and patience to be picky.

  • Purple Portal – INT
  • Orange Portal – STR
  • Light Yellow Portal – DEX
  • Bright Red Portal – CON

Finally, each portal also has a tier to indicate the level of the Devil. Using this, you’ll know your odds of being able to obtain it.

  • Tier 1 – Level 100-200 (58% chance)
  • Tier 2 – Level 200-300 (29% chance)
  • Tier 3 – Level 300-400 (12% chance)
  • Tier 4 – Level 400-600 (1% chance)

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