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The DEVs promised a free 100 pulls and 80 Boopons on release, but players find themselves stuck trying to work out how to redeem them. Thankfully, I’ve figured it out and have this ZZZ Free 100 Pulls Guide to help you get your hands on the freebies too!

Download Zenless Zone Zero over from its Official Website. For more Zenless Zone Zero content that won’t make you feel ZZZ after reading, check out our Zenless Zone Zero PC Requirements Guide and ZZZ Agents Tier List.

ZZZ Free 100 Pulls Guide

Unfortunately, whilst free, the rewards aren’t immediate and you’ll have to put in a bit of work to earn them. You should at least get your way through the initial game tutorial and begin unlocking some of the core game features. To earn your 100 Free Pulls, complete the following steps:

  • Launch ZZZ and complete the initial game tutorial to unlock the Mailbox
  • Interact with the menu to open your Mailbox
  • Your pre-reg rewards (Free 100 Pulls and 80 Boopons) should be waiting in the Mailbox
    • If rewards don’t show then it could mean you don’t qualify for the rewards
  • Reach level 8 of Inter-Knot to unlock the Events feature
  • Complete Events for even more Pulls and rewards

The Pulls received split between two banners with 70 of them being valid for the standard banner (Master Tapes), and the remaining 30 for the release event banner (Encrypted Master Tapes). Your 80 Boopons are valid for Bangboos pulls and only work on this select banner. Unlike the two Master Tapes banners which sell summons for 1,600 Polychrome, you cannot purchase more Bangboos summons.

Release Event Rewards Breakdown

If you did miss out on the 100 Free Pulls Mailbox rewards then fret not! This is a small breakdown of all current available rewards from the release of ZZZ.

  • Pre-Reg Rewards – 20 Master Tapes and 5 Boopons
  • Cunning Generosity Event – 10 Master Tapes
  • New City Visitors Passport Daily Login Event – 10 Encrypted Master Tapes
  • Sixth Street Giveaway Daily Login Event – 10 Encrypted Master Tapes
  • En-Nah Into Your Lap Daily Login Event – 10 Boopons
  • Road To Proxy Level-up Rewards – 40 Master Tapes, 1,600 Polychrome, 65 Boopons

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