What Exactly Is “Balloon Daycare” in Animal Kingdom, and Why Do You Need to Know About It?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom may not be a lot of people’s favorite parks, but there are SO many exciting things to do and experience here, we think a lot of people are missing out!

Animal Kingdom

Not only does this park have some of our favorite dining options (both table service and quick service), you can also ride some iconic attractions like Expedition Everest and Dinosaur, and, of course, see some adorable animals. But speaking of those animals, did you know there’s one thing you CANNOT bring into the park, under any circumstances?

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You may have noticed before that balloons are sold in most Disney World parks, but NOT Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It’s true that you won’t find balloons anywhere in Animal Kingdom, but it’s not only that you can’t buy them anywhere — you also can’t bring balloons from anywhere into the parks.

Animal Kingdom

It’s true! This is because if any balloons were to fly away and land in the savanna area, it would be extremely unsafe for the animals to potentially eat. It’s impossible to keep eyes on all guests at all times, and balloons can slip away in an instant. Retrieving fallen balloons from the savanna also could be dangerous for the Cast Members, so to avoid any issues, no balloons are allowed in Animal Kingdom.

Play in the park balloon design

But what happens if someone brings a balloon into Animal Kingdom, not knowing that they’re not allowed? It wouldn’t be great if Disney forced them to get rid of their balloon that they’ve paid a hefty price for, so they came up with an alternate plan: Balloon Daycare!

Disney World Balloons

If a guest walks into Animal Kingdom with a balloon, they’ll be stopped or instructed by a Cast Member to bring their balloon over to one of them where they will enter Balloon Daycare for the day, until they come pick it up!


The balloon will be kept safely indoors and will be marked as being yours (so don’t worry, you’ll get yours back!). In fact, you may even get a card at the end of the day sharing all your balloon did that day, like what movie it watched, if it had a snack and a nap, or played with other balloons! 


This is a great way that Disney World can keep their animals safe and happy while also ensuring guests are able to enter the park and experience what they’d like to without having to get rid of their balloon. However, this does mean that if you use a balloon as a way to identify your stroller, you’ll need to have a Plan B!

Adventureland stroller parking

We’re always here to bring you the latest Disney World news and information to make sure your trip goes as smooth as possible, so stay tuned to DFB!

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Have you ever sent your Disney World balloons to “daycare” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Tell us all about your experience in the comments below!

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