Waven Is A New RPG On Android Similar To Fire Emblem Heroes

Ankama Games has teamed up with New Tales for a new game called Waven. After announcing it last year, they’ve finally dropped it now. Well, technically it’s in global beta on both Android and iOS. So, what is it about? Keep reading to know.

Waven Is A Haven Full Of Islands

In the game, you find yourself in a vibrant but flooded world where only a few islands have survived. These islands are dripping with secrets from an age where gods and dragons once ruled. You’re not just a casual traveller, though. You’re a seafaring adventurer on a quest to unravel the mystery of a world-changing catastrophe.

Waven is a tactical RPG with a fresh twist on the genre. Sure, building your team of heroes is crucial, but there’s a whole lot more going on. You get to equip powerful spells and plan your moves using a deck-building system. Then, dive into turn-based battles. As you level up, you’ll gather valuable items to pimp out your heroes and boost their power.

Waven has many modes. You can square off against AI monsters in PvE, battle other players in PvP or defend your island in tactical defense modes. And customisation is where the game lets you really experiment.

You get over 30 class and hero combinations, 300 spells and a plethora of equipment and companions in Waven. You can carefully choose your allies and outsmart your opponents to come out on top. On that note, catch a glimpse of the game below!

Will You Try It Out?

What was the first thing that caught your eye in the trailer? I bet it’s the game’s popping, colourful graphics. If it’s something that draws your attention, check Waven out from the Google Play Store. One of the coolest features it offers is cross-platform gameplay.

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