There’s a Reason Why Flight Attendants Love This $30 Item

Are you flying on vacation soon? There are some accessories you shouldn’t leave home without!

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Most people have checklists when it comes to essentials they MUST bring with them on vacation, but do you have a checklist when it comes to essentials you’ll need for your flight? Whether you’re a flight attendant, frequent flyer, or taking your first trip to Disney World, there’s one item that sticks out that everyone could use!

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One of the most common requests flight attendants get asked by guests is if they can provide a pillow and blankets on the flight. Unfortunately, flight attendants typically can’t provide any unless you’re in first class or on an international flight. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a compact pillow that turns into a blanket that you can take just about anywhere? Ask and you shall receive!


This BlueHills Travel Blanket Pillow is PERFECT for long travel. Whether you are a passenger on a long road trip or have a long flight, this blanket/pillow combo can provide just the right comfort for you to get some rest. Super soft, warm, and stylish, this essential travel item is ideal for long flights. Easy to transport, the blanket pillow also comes with a plush travel bag, luggage strap, and a backpack clip. The blanket measures 70 x 48 inches and comes in nine different colors. The best part is that the travel blanket and travel pouch are washer and dryer-safe.

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Additionally, if you’re looking for some other airplane travel essentials, we’ve got you covered! For starters, this Perilogics Universal in Flight Airplane Phone Holder Mount helps you multitask or rest your arms during your flight!


This phone mount clamps onto tray tables, luggage handles, and more, up to 1.5 inches wide. It boasts dual joints with 360-degree rotation and is compatible with a wide range of phone sizes. If you ever wanted to turn your phone into a little tv while freeing up your hands on a flight, this little guy would be a big help.

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Finally, if you’ve ever wanted to use in-flight entertainment that requires corded headphones but simply want to use your own Bluetooth listening device, this travel item is for you!


The Twelve South AirFly SE Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter Receiver works with AirPods or wireless headphones and any 3.5 mm audio jack. This device wirelessly transmits audio from in-flight entertainment, gym equipment, gaming devices, TVs, and more to your headphones!  The AirFly is ideal for long flights, carrying a 20+ hour battery life, and has a max reach of 33ft. The device is rechargeable, pairs easily, and comes with everything you need.

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And there you have it! For more travel tips, updates, news, and more, stay tuned right here at DFB!

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