Helldivers 2 players might be getting some fresh weaponry from the first game soon, cue a bunch of memes about anti-tank mines

The Major Order that Helldivers 2 have been plugging away at for the past couple of days is definitely proving to be an interesting one. The latest development in it seems to hint at some fresh weaponry from the first Helldivers potentially being incoming.

If you’re out of the loop, the MO has tasked folks with holding on to the planet X-45, so the ruins of a “lost Advanced Weapons Lab from the First Galactic War”, which was “working on development of a powerful interplanetary battle station” prior to it falling into disrepair, can be excavated. As you can imagine, that’s gotten the ol’ divers pretty interested.

As they work on doing just that, players have gotten a fresh strategic update, which reads as follows: “The first layer of rubble covering the advanced weapons lab on X-45 has been cleared. Initial reports show show the facility remains largely intact.

“It is possible there is even a cache of still-functional weaponry from the First Galactic War contained in the lab. Further excavation efforts are ongoing.” So, there you go, something besides the station to get excited about, though it seems that excitements also come with a tidal wave of memes about Anti-Tank Mines.

You see, among the folks posting about how they’d like Arrowhead to give them the M2016 Constitution that was dished out in Helldivers 1 to celebrate Liberty Day in 2016 or a LAS-13 Trident, there are a bunch that reckon this retro weaponry could well just be the anti-tank mines they’re not too fussed about. Literally, the player base has been given a bunch of chances in previous MOs to grab these mines, and they’ve opted against every time, having even opted to do an actual good deed by saving some kids instead on one of these occasions.

We’ll just have to see how things play out, but any additional weapons in the near future will be a nice treat, since Arrowhead’s currently holding off on making any big changes or deploying any warbonds for the next little bit, to allow its devs some vacation time and stick to its new update cadence.

That said, it is still handling plenty of fixes, with community manager Twinbeard having just this morning provided a bit more info via Discord on how the recently misbehaving Superior Packing Methodology ship module is currently fuctioning. In short: “SPM is indeed working as intended (there’s one minor bug mentioned [in the Discord post here]). There are a few things we’re considering tweaking that might improve the experience with it, but overall, it’s working as it should.”

Which weapons from the first game that’ve still yet to arrive are you most keen to use in Helldivers 2? Let us know below!

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