CONFIRMED: A Budget Airline Is ENDING a Popular Orlando Route

There’s one less way to get to Walt Disney World. 

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Back in 2022, low-cost carrier Avelo Airlines, announced with great fanfare that they were launching service from Upstate New York’s Greater Binghamton Airport (BGM) to Orlando. However, just two years later, that service is being discontinued permanently. 

Issues with the route first came to light in May, when Avelo put it on a “seasonal pause” with no flights during the month. When they returned in June, the scheduling had changed to flights on Sundays and Thursdays. 

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In early July, Avelo stopped taking reservations for the route any further than August 18th. Initially, it was unclear if this was another “seasonal pause.” However, Avelo Head of Brand and Communications, Jim Olson confirmed to Binghamton Homepage that the service was discontinued permanently. 

Olson told the outlet, “Our exit from Binghamton is permanent. Unfortunately, the BGM-MCO route was not profitable, and we do not expect it to be within a reasonable time horizon. We are grateful for the support Avelo has received from the Binghamton community and the Greater Binghamton Airport leadership team.”

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Mark Heefner, BGM’s Commissioner of Aviation, seemed to counter the narrative that the route was unsuccessful, saying that the flights were always filled and received great feedback. Heefner went on further, saying “They’re a young airline, Avelo is a young airline. We’re not closing the door whatsoever on them continuing to fly, because we did talk about them coming back for the Spring and offering service, because it did really good. We had a lot of people that really liked the service. So, it definitely affects our area and affects our airport. It’s just difficult.”

The end of Avelo’s tenure at the airport leaves BGM with only one flight out of Binghamton: a Delta Airlines route with connecting flights to Detroit. According to Heefner, the county is still working hard to bring in more flights and more air carriers to the airport. 

©Orlando International Airport

Upstate New York residents near the Binghamton area now have one less option when considering flights to the Orlando area, as Avelo Airlines has pulled out of service at Greater Binghamton Airport. Stay tuned to DFB for further travel news.

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