ZZZ Attribute Tier List – The Best Elements

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Getting into Zenless Zone Zero? Well, getting to grips with the Attributes system is a great start. This means knowing which are the elements that excel and which are a bit underwhelming. Fortunately, we’re here to help with that! Our ZZZ Attribute tier list ranks all of them in terms of the effects of their Attribute Anomaly.

Zenless Zone Zero is available for free via Google Play. We’ve also got a Zenless Zone Zero Attribute Anomaly guide to take a look at.

ZZZ Attribute Tier List

Our tier list runs down in descending order. So the best elements are at the top in S Tier. This runs down to D Tier, though fortunately there are no D Tiers available right now. Still, the Attributes get less impressive the further you get down the page.

S Tier

The elements with the best anomaly attributes. Really helpful against the maximum amount of enemies and with excellent effects. You can base a strategy around this.

A Tier

Very useful attributes. Their anomaly is very helpful for most things so easy to apply to all kinds of situations.

B Tier

Good, though a little more specialized. These hit best against certain kinds of enemies, so you’ll need to plan ahead by knowing what sort of enemy type you’re mostly dealing with.

C Tier

Less impressive attributes. These elements has underwhelming anomalies or may be too specialized to type to be super useful.

  • There are no C Tier attributes, pretty good news.

D Tier

No use at all, avoid at all costs.

  • There are no D Tier attributes at the moment. Rejoice!

Keep in mind that this is just our subjective takes on the Attributes. If you can make the lower-tier Attributes work in a way that suits you, then you should go ahead and keep doing it!

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