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If you want to dominate Zenless Zone Zero’s battles, then mastering the mechanic of the Attribute Anomaly is a great place to start. These can turn the tide of a battle in your favor, but only if you know what they do and what enemies they impact. So, want to know the forbidden knowledge? Then read along with our ZZZ Attribute Anomaly guide. Well… it’s not that forbidden, but it is pretty interesting.

Zenless Zone Zero is available to download on Google Play. We’ve also got a Zenless Zone Zero factions guide for more on the powers in New Eridu.

ZZZ Attribute Anomaly Guide

Now let’s talk anomalies! First, what they are. Then, what each type does.

What Is An Attribute Anomaly?

An Attribute Anomaly is something that takes place when you’ve managed to rack up enough Attribute damage in a short amount of time. Attributes refer to the five different elemental abilities that characters have access to. Each character is tied to a particular Attribute and does damage of that type. Do enough of that type, and eventually, it triggers an Attribute Anomaly, inflicting a status effect on the target.

Attribute Anomaly Types

There are five different types of Attribute Anomaly, corresponding to the different elemental Attributes. We’ve detailed what each of them do below.

Assault! – Physical Damage

  • Interrupts an enemy action.
  • Deals a large amount of Physical damage.
  • Increases target’s Dave count.

Shatter! – Ice Damage

  • Freezes target, preventing actions.
  • Deals continue Ice damage.
  • Increases damage dealt to target from crits.

Corrupted! – Aether Damage

  • Deals continuous Aether damage to a target.
  • Interrupts enemy actions for Energy-type enemies only.

Burn! – Fire Damage

  • Deals continuous Fire damage to a target.
  • Interrupts enemy actions for Organic-type enemies only.

Shock! – Electric Damage

  • Deals continuous Electric damage to the target at intervals.
  • Interrupts enemy actions for Machine-type enemies only.

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