Stardew Valley-Style Polity Lets All Its Players Build Colonies On The Same Server

Polity is a new next-gen MMORPG by Jib Games that just dropped across multiple platforms. It’s like a role-playing sandbox where you get to solve colony-building challenges on a single massive server. It’s free to play and is full of customisable options.

What Is Polity?

In the game, all players are in the same world, so you can stroll over to your friend’s meticulously designed colony whenever you want. You can buy and jazz up your home, farms, forests, markets, pharmacies and bakeries. Then head out to gather resources, craft cool stuff and trade with other players.

Polity is set in Blue Dot 2, a new planet discovered by Snotra, an ultra-smart AI from Earth. Tasked with spreading human wisdom and values, Snotra has set up humans and droids to build a society just like Earth’s.

The single-shard world in Polity means everyone’s in the same game space, making interactions and engagements way more dynamic and fun. It’s cross-platform, so that’s a bonus for every gamer. And your avatar is customisable with lots of options.

Jib Games wanted to make Polity fun as well as educational. So, they have added some educational content as well. Like learning how to grow unique plants or maintaining a greenhouse on your own.

There Are Tons Of Skills To Master

Polity lets you dive into all sorts of roles. You can play the president and lead your colony, gather funds and decide how to expand. Or do you like being green-thumbed? Then become a farmer, buy a greenhouse and grow everything from veggies to honey.

If chopping wood and gathering materials sounds more your speed, be a forester, harvesting trees and processing them into useful materials. And then there’s more, with the devs dropping new skills every three months. Fishing, interior design, cafe management, mining, airport management, fashion design and dock management are all on the horizon.

If you love such games, check out Polity on the Google Play Store. You can also take a peek at the official website to keep up with the latest updates of the game. And before leaving, be sure to check out some of our other news. My Talking Hank: Islands Launches With $20,000 Rewards Up For Grabs!

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