REVIEW: Did We Find Something Actually SPICY in Disney World?!

This Disney Springs restaurant just introduced some NEW menu items. 

Morimoto Asia

Since it opened, Morimoto Asia — the flagship Pan-Asian restaurant from “Japanese master chef” and Iron Chef veteran Masaharu Morimoto — has become one of Disney Springs’ most popular restaurants. The restaurant’s menu combines elements of Japanese dishes including sushi and sashimi, Chinese classics like crispy Peking duck, and Korean and Malay specialties into a large and diverse selection. 

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Recently, Morimoto Asia just introduced new options to their outdoor Street Food quick service location window. We sampled some of these new offerings and had… conflicted thoughts. 

Bulkogi Kimuchi Ramen ($18.00)

This ramen dish features thin-sliced sweet soy-marinated beef, with duck broth, house-pickled kimchi, gochujang sauce, and scallion soy-marinated egg


So, we were told this dish was spicy, but initially, we thought that was being overblown. However, the longer we ate, the spicer it felt! That being said, we found the noodles to be nice, thick, and cooked well. The clear broth was very tasty, with a bit of a chili flavor.

It was spicier than we thought

We found the beef tender, and the marinade gave it a slightly sweet taste. The marinated egg was delicious and cooked perfectly, and the bit of kimchi in the ramen gave the bowl a nice kick. The dish is a decent portion size, with a lot of meat and noodles. Just be wary of its sneaky spiciness.

Karaage Taiwanese style “Gee Pie” ($9.00)

This dish is a five-spice marinated chicken breast and includes a choice of curry spice or beijun spice. 

Morimoto Gee Pie

Honestly, we were a bit underwhelmed by this dish. The chicken was well-cooked, but very much on the bland side. Now, it does come with the bowls of spices to put on the chicken — the curry one has a very strong curry flavor and the beijun spice has a sweet note and chili note in it — but both of the spices are very heavy on the salt, but neither really saves the chicken form the overall lack of flavor.

The spices aren’t enough.

Korean Corn Dog ($8.00)

The corn dog dish offers a beef hot dog, mozzarella cheese, panko bread crumbs with sriracha ketchup, and honey mustard. 

Corn Dog!

We found this corn dog offering very interesting. We almost found it to be 1/3rd mozzarella stick, 1/3rd  third hot dog, and then 1/3rd second mozzarella stick. Yet somehow it worked for the most part. 

There’s A LOT going on here

It came dusted in sugar so it ended up being very sweet, almost too sweet, but the honey mustard added a good tang to the corn dog and balanced it out. 

BBQ Pork Bao ($6.00)

This take on the classic doesn’t mess with the form too much. It’s braised pork in a soft steamed bun.

Bao Bun

The bun is super fluffy and tastes very yeasty, while the pork inside is chopped up and has a sweet sauce on it. We liked the bun, and it would be a good size for a snack. However, it’s not enough to make a whole meal, and probably not something we would go out of our way to head to Morimoto Asia Street Food just for this. 


We would definitely get that pork bun again, and fans of spice should head over to try that new ramen! In the meantime, we’ll be on the lookout for more new eats around Disney World, so stay tuned to DFB for more food reviews. 



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Which of these new foods sounds most appealing to you? Let us know in the comments below. 

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