Anime Girl RNG Codes Guide – Are There Any Codes?

Feature image for our Anime Girl RNG codes guide, showing the rewards cart in-game.

Want to find out how to snag some free items in Anime Girl RNG? Promotional codes are a way that devs hand out some free rewards to players as a ‘thank you’ for keeping up with their socials. So does Anime Girl RNG have any? That’s what our Anime Girl RNG codes guide sets out to find out. We’re out to find if there are any codes or code mechanic, as well as find other ways you can snag some rewards.

Anime Girl RNG is available to play now on Roblox. We’ve also got a Tycoon RNG codes guide if you’re out to grow your factory, too.

Anime Girl RNG Codes Guide

First, we look for codes, then we look for code mechanics, and then finally we hunt around for any other free rewards lurking around.

Are There Any Codes?

Here are where we put any working codes we find. We use only official sources for this, like the game and the developers’ social media to avoid any fake codes.

  • There are no working Anime Girl RNG codes right now.

How To Redeem Codes

Here we detail any code redemption mechanics we find.

  • We have not found a code-redemption process in the game currently.

Other Ways To Get Rewards

We don’t want you to leave empty-handed, so here are some other ways to net free rewards in-game!

  • The Rewards Shop – You’ll find the rewards cart in the central area. Speak to the NPC inside to claim free rewards. There are three kinds.
    • Likes Rewards – These are rewards awarded by the developers to everyone when Anime Girl RNG reaches a certain number of Likes. Check in from time to time.
    • Friends Rewards – These are rewards you get for having a certain number of friends join you in one server.
    • Playtime Rewards – You get rewards for reaching a certain amount of time spent in-game.

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