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Type Soul has rolled out yet another new update including some new bosses and unique items. This Type Soul Wind Dragon Guide tells you all about this new item from its rarity, what it does, how to obtain it and more!

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Type Soul Wind Dragon Guide

As implied by the headline, this new item is obtainable by defeating the Jacky Boss. This brand-new boss is the Captain of the 3rd Division. You’ll need to head to Soul Society to seek him. Ordinarily, this Captain offers the division mission of heading to the Rukon District and aiding lost souls to the scattered checkpoints.

Wind Dragon Perks and Buffs

The Wind Dragon accessory is a brand new Mythical rarity released alongside the Jacky boss and is only obtainable from defeating him. This is rather unusual since a lot of key items in Type Soul drop from a mix of bosses and Clan Wars or Raids. What’s unique about the Wind Dragon is the passive perk and buff properties it offers to its wearers.

When found, the item description is as follows. “The Wind Dragon inherited by Jacky passed down to every Wind Captain after him. Truly glorious. [MAKES WIND CROWN GB].”. What makes this truly glorious item… glorious is its perks.

  • +30 Player HP
  • +5 Reiatsu
  • +10 Posture
  • +1% Reiatsu Regeneration
  • +10% Meter Gain

Since this item is so new, we aren’t sure of its other properties such as drop chance, who can use it and if it drops on death. I’d recommend bookmarking this page and checking back in for updates after we get our hands on one and try it out!

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