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Our The First Descendant Weapon Tier List has ranked all the weapons in the game from best to worst, so you know which weapons to get your hands on.

To find out more about The First Descendant you can visit the Official Website. Or, you can check out the game on Steam. If you want to get Gold fast, we have a The First Descendant Gold Farm Guide. If you’re unsure which characters are the best, check out our The First Descendant Tier List.

The First Descendant Weapon Tier List

There are four different weapon classes in The First Descendant based on the ammunition of a weapon. These are: General Rounds, Special Rounds, Impact Rounds, and High Power Rounds. Each weapon also falls into one of four categories: Normal, Rare, Ultimate, and Transcendent.

Weapons can be upgraded by using the Workbench in Albion to increase the overall stats. Upgrades include: Weapon Level Transmissions, Unique Ability Enhancements, Weapon Adjustments., and Reactor Enhancements.

That being said, let’s see what weapons are the best in the game! If you want even more information on weapons, we have a The First Descendant Weapons Guide.


These weapons are the best in the game. Make sure you get your hands on them.

  • Eternal Willpower (Rare)
  • Restored Relic (Ultimate)
  • Executor (Ultimate)
  • Subconsciousness (Rare)
  • Immediate Execution (Rare)
  • Different Dream (Rare)
  • Greg’s Reversed Fate (Ultimate)
  • Piercing Light (Ultimate)
  • Forest Gaze (Rare)
  • Clairvoyance (Ultimate)
  • Afterglow Sword Ultimate)
  • Death Roar (Rare)
  • Nazeistra’s Devotion (Ultimate)
  • Assassin’s Edge (Rare)
  • Supermoon Z-15 (Rare)
  • Phantom Pain (Rare)


A-Tier weapons are still great. If you can’t get your hands on S-Tier weapons, these will still do you good.

  • Ominous Hound (Normal)
  • Explorer’s Path (Rare)
  • Belief (Rare)
  • Smithereens (Ultimate)
  • Secret Garden (Ultimate)
  • Burning Hound (Normal)
  • Sonic Co-op (Rare)
  • Divine Punishment (Ultimate)
  • Enduring Legacy (Ultimate)
  • Vestigial Organ (Rare)
  • Sigvore’s Proof (Ultimate)
  • Caligo’s Horn (Rare)
  • Blue Beetle (Ultimate)
  • Nightmare Hound (Normal)
  • King’s Guard Lance (Ultimate)
  • The Final Masterpiece (Ultimate)
  • Devil’s Call (Rare)
  • Young Noble’s Ambition (Rare)
  • Lightspeed Barrel (Rare)
  • Albion Cavalry Gun (Ultimate)
  • Wave of Light (Ultimate)
  • Tamed Beast (Normal)
  • Blue Blood Bloomer (Rare)


If you’re a beginner, these weapons will be useful! They’ll help you get the hang of things, however if you want to progress, try and get weapons in higher tiers soon.

  • Hungry Hound (Normal)
  • Guardian R4 (Rare)
  • The Age of Innovation (Rare)
  • Dimensional Bridge (Rare)
  • The Unwelcomed (Rare)
  • Magnus AA (Rare)
  • Cygnus (Normal)
  • Lion of Blue Mane (Rare)
  • Fireworks (Rare)
  • In a Blink (Rare)
  • Firefly (Rare)
  • Alter Ego (Rare)
  • Thunder Cage (Ultimate)
  • Dogma 21 (Rare)
  • Perforator (Ultimate)
  • Albinism (Normal)


Weapons in this tier offer a few perks, but in the long run, they aren’t great. Use them if you have no other choice.

  • New Beginning (Rare)
  • Viper (Rare)
  • Silly Weeper (Rare)
  • Rascal V-51 (Rare)
  • Burning 44 (Rare)
  • The Last Dagger (Ultimate)
  • The Last Knight (Rare)
  • Millennium Frost (Rare)
  • Python (Ultimate)
  • Tamer (Rare)
  • Hero’s Scar (Rare)
  • Fallen Hope (Ultimate)
  • Red Wolf (Rare)
  • Moon Fragment (Normal)
  • Rose of Aisha (Rare)
  • Recipient Unknown (Normal)
  • Detachment (Rare)


Avoid these weapons as much as you can, they won’t be of much use.

  • Unfinished Study (Rare)
  • Red Eye (Normal)
  • Gangster (Normal)

When Do We Update Our Posts?

As you may have noticed, there are currently no weapons in the Transcendent category… and that is on purpose! As the game is still new, not all of the weapons have been released yet. When we have more information about Transcendent weapons, we’ll update this post for you. Make sure you regularly check back!

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