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This The First Descendant How To Unlock All Descendants Guide does exactly what it says on the tin! If you’re after a new Descendant to trial, level up and master then this is the guide for you.

Check out The First Descendant over on Steam to start your Descendant journey. For more TFD content like this, check out our The First Descendant Gley Build Guide and our The First Descendant Bunny Build Guide.

The First Descendant How To Unlock All Descendants Guide

Each Descendant offers something different to the player due to their unique stats and battle properties. Finding the right Descendant for you is key to surviving the harder bosses later, or even reaching that point altogether. To unlock more Descendants, in short, you’ll need to level up your Mastery by visiting the Albion and Prime Hands and completing missions here.

Feeding into your Mastery EXP not only gives you access to more storage (Module) capacity and Weapons, it also pays off with new characters. When you join The First Descendants for the first time, you choose between Ajax, Lepic and Viessa as your starter. The remaining cast then needs building over at the Albion.

Descendants Crafting Recipes

Each Descendant has a unique crafting recipe which is split into four categories including a lot of unique materials which you find during your gameplay. Not every material will be needed per Descendant, and those included in their recipe often have a high amount needed to craft. The category and materials include the following:

Enhanced Cell Parts

  • Repton
  • Hardner
  • HyperCube
  • Semiconstant Plasma
  • Anti-Gravity Fixer
  • [Descendant] Cell Blueprints
  • Gold

Stabilizer Parts

  • Superfluid
  • Metal Accelerant
  • Arche Receptor
  • Data Processing Circuit
  • [Descendant] Stabilizer Blueprints
  • Gold

Spiral Catalyst Parts

  • Monad Shard
  • Metal Accelerant
  • Hardner
  • Monite Stone
  • Semiconstant Plasma
  • Optical Catalyst
  • [Descendant] Spiral Catalyst Blueprint
  • Gold

Code Parts

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