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Our Roblox Innovation Awards 2024 Items guide has listed every item you can obtain through the limited-time event!

To take part in the awards, visit the Roblox Innovation Awards lobby! If you’re a little unsure about how the predictions work, we have a Roblox Innovation Awards Predictions guide you can have a look at! We also have a Roblox Innovation Awards 2024 Guide.

Roblox Innovation Awards 2024 Items

Let’s see what we can get!

How To Get Items

There are a few ways for you to get the prizes. However, to get them, you will need Points. To get Points, all you have to do is vote. Simple, right? You can vote for your favourite Roblox experience and creators that are separated into different categories. So not only are you supporting your favourite experience, but you also get rewarded for it!

Taking part in the Daily Vote will give you 10 Points. The voting is open until July 14th, 2024. So make sure to vote every day to get your Points. You can also take part in the Prediction Vote. In this vote, you have to vote for a winner in a specific category, and if the experience or the creator you voted for wins, you will get 100 Points.

All Items

Below are all the items and accessories that you can get for taking part. All you have to do is exchange your points for the items.

  • “I Voted” Pin (10 Points) – Badge that says ‘Roblox Innovation Awards 2024’
  • Voter’s Luminous Cap (125 Points) – A black witch-style hat with the award colours on the inside.
  • Voter’s Luminous Sash (250 Points) A sash that has different accessories hanging off it.
  • Voter’s Luminous Pauldrons (500 Points) – Shoulder armour that has fabric hanging off it in the award colours.
  • Voter’s Luminous Wreath (750 Points) – A wreath that uses the colours of the Innovation Awards with the Roblox logo in the centre.

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