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Want The First Descendant Thunder Cage weapon for your main? Use this guide to find out how to get the initial blueprint, followed by how to craft it.

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The First Descendant Thunder Cage Weapon

The Thunder Cage is a must-have Ultimate weapon for your Descendants. It’s a General Rounds gun that essentially utilises electrical energy to unleash shockwaves in combat! You cannot obtain this weapon if you haven’t gotten to the Sterile Lands area yet. It doesn’t take long to unlock, as it’s the second map in the main story. After a certain point, you gain access to the side quest, Thunder Cage Research.

Crafting the Thunder Cage

To obtain the Thunder Cage weapon, you first need the Thunder Cage Blueprint and be at Mastery Rank Level 1. Read the section below to find out how to obtain the weapon’s blueprint! Once you have that, you can collect the following materials:

  • Thunder Cage Synthetic Fiber
  • Thunder Cage Polymer Syncytium
  • Thunder Cage Nano Tube
  • 100K

Interacting with any type of material on your screen displays the obtainment method, such as missions, drops, etc. To get the Thunder Cage Blueprint, you need to head to the Sterile Lands Logisitic Facility and complete the mission.

To unlock the Thunder Cage weapon, you must speak with Anais at the Research Institute in Albion. Select the Thunder Cage, and if you have all of the required materials, you can craft it! The research takes 4 real-time hours to complete. At this point, you can log off for a break, and head back online later on to collect your new Ultimate weapon!

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