Attack On Titan Revolution Attack Titan Skill Tree

What’s Attakc on Titan without Titan shifters? And what are Titan shifters without the iconic Attack Titan? Certainly a less interesting place, and you can call upon the powers of the Attack Titan yourself, if you can unlock its shift. It’s not just the transformation, either. The Attack On Titan Revolution Attack Titan skill tree is full of surprises that might benefit you to learn about.

Fortunately our guide has the info that you need to know.

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Attack On Titan Revolution Attack Titan Skill Tree

Want to know what skills the Attack Titan brings to the table? Read on below. We’ve split it into the different kinds of skills. These can be bought over time through the specialized skill tree.

Passive Skills

These are the skills that you don’t need to activate yourself, they just exist.

Boxing Mastery

Titan punches are faster and deal 60-80% extra damage compared to the default. Heavy attacks deal an extra 25% damage, too.

Active Skills

These are skills that you activate yourself at the right time.

Force Eject

Shed your Titan form quickly and leap into the air, away from attackers.


Harden your fists to increase your damage by up to 20%, punch speed by up to 17.5% and Block Breaking by up to 25%.

Corkscrew Punch

Throw a punch that generates a damaging AOE up to 200% of your damage.


Do a Titan roar that restores your HP and damages all nearby Titans over several seconds.

Brutal Stomp

AOE stomp more that does up to 125% of your damage, destroys buildings and grounded Titan types.


Melee strike that will instakill a non-boss Titan on impact, and hurl their body as a projectile that hits for AOE damage.

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