Zenless Zone Zero has an uncapped framerate, so adults with overpriced PCs can flex how good the mobile game looks to their married friends

Great news gamers, Zenless Zone Zero will have an uncapped frame rate. That means that you – yes you with the 4090, loads of LEDS, and no mortgage – can play this mobile game at the highest possible performance.

To turn on this setting all you’ve got to do once the game comes out on July 4 is head to the settings, go to the graphics tab, scroll down to the custom section and wham, FPS is right there. You can choose the layman options of 30 and 60 FPS if you have to, but we all know the big winners will slap on that unlimited FPS option and let their PC go wild.

And why wouldn’t you want to? Zenless Zone Zero is a slick anime action game, with a lot of merit when it comes to fast-paced combat. At an uncapped FPS, you’ll be able to see every slight detail of the action, especially with the graphics quality turned all the way up. Invite your friends over! Leave their kids downstairs while your mates bask in the glory of this mobile game at its greatest.

We do have to pour one out for our mobile and console comrades though, who will have to make do with the measly settings they’ve got available. Oh well, that’s what you get for blowing your money on premium character rolls and getting max constellations of your Genshin squad. Maybe next time they’ll spend that money wisely, on a computer that sucks up more power every day than your washing machine.

Are you excited to check out the game? You can pre-load it right now to get prepped for the Zenless Zone Zero release date. Let us know what you’ve got under the hood below!

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