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Wondering which of the Type Soul Essences you need? There are some for all factions and some that are faction-exclusive. Not sure how to obtain Essences? No worries, I answer that below too!

Collecting Essence? Head over to the Type Soul Roblox page to start. Check out our Type Soul Soul Reaper Accessories guide, our Type Soul Divisions guide, and our Type Soul Shinigami Weapons guide!

Type Soul Essences

More buffs for all!

How to Get Essence

To obtain an Essence, you must take part in Ranked matches and Clan Wars. To equip the Essence, you need to put 40 points or more into the relevant skill tree.

Essences For All Factions

  • Horizon Core
    • 40 Kendo
    • Move forward to strike the enemy, potentially ragdolling them
  • Territorial Mark
    • Mark your enemy, signalling that only you can deal damage to them for some time. This goes both ways, with them only being able to deal damage to you as well
  • Crazed Blitz
    • Hyper Armor Grab that deals damage and knocks them back
  • Unseen Blade
    • Advanced Flashstep that leads to you slashing the enemy, knocking them into the air

Soul Reaper Essences

  • Teppusatsu
    • Blast a 5-second Reiatsu beam where your mouse is pointing
  • Gran Raikoho
    • Knocks enemies back and stuns them
    • If more than one person is hit, the amount of damage dealt is increased

Quincy Essences

  • Shattered Comet
    • Launch an arrow upwards, which then turns into multiple shards of Reiatsu. As they fall, they explode when hitting the ground

Arrancar Essences

  • Fusion Essence
    • M1: Gain a buff to your damage by fusing with a nearby Arrancar, allowing you to utilise the 3 variants of True Vastocar at once
    • M2: Increase your damage at the cost of using up to 30% of your HP. You also receive a random variant of True Vastocar
  • Bala Fireworks
    • Send out Bala projectiles that deal AoE damage to all nearby enemies
  • Partial Essence

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