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The best part about The First Descendant classes is that the subclasses make each character unique! You have the typical roles, but they’re then split into more refined classes that you can perfect.

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The First Descendant Classes Guide

In The First Descendant, you have the usual DPS, Tank, and Support roles. But, there are subclasses within those roles that each do their own thing!


The damage dealers!

Standard DPS

This subclass falls under the DPS class and is generally just your typical damage dealer. They have no other roles except for dealing as much damage as possible by various means.

Characters In This Class
  • Lepic (Grenades)
  • Sharen (Electric melee assassin)
  • Valby (Moves quickly around the battlefield whilst dealing constant damage)


The Utility role works a little differently than a standard DPS. Utility characters utilise external mechanisms and additional abilities to deal damage in combat, rather than just relying on a gun.

Characters In This Subclass
  • Jayber (Summons turrets in battle)
  • Gley (Summons Life Spheres and changes into her Berserk Mode form)

Damage Over Time (DoT)

This subclass deals constant damage to an enemy upon hitting them. A DoT is exactly what it says! It deals damage over a period of time, which not only weakens enemies, but also whittles down their HP while you’re doing something else.

Characters In This Subclass
  • Blair (Fire DoTs)
  • Freyna (Uses Venom DoTs and debuffs)


This class relies on dealing high amounts of damage all at once, often involving a charge-up ability before unleashing an explosive attack.

Characters In This Subclass
  • Bunny (Gathers energy before unleashing a strong electrical attack)

Burst DPS

Similarly to the Utility subclass, a Burst DPS character sometimes uses external objects in combat. For example, using grenades or other explosives in battle to deal damage in short bursts.

Characters In This Subclass
  • Esiemo (Uses explosives and can choose when to detonate them)


It’s self-explanatory, but a tank is the leader of the pack! They prioritise defense and also damage.

Characters In This Class


The way I see it, Bruiser’s lean a bit more into the DPS part of the tank role. They still utilise defense for themselves and their allies but their top priority is attacking enemies!

Characters In This Subclass
  • Kyle (Provides shields for allies but also uses Magnetic energy to attack enemies)


The class that helps their allies out!

Standard Support

Your average subclass within the Support umbrella means they provide help in ways other than debuffs and healing. Basically, they buff the team!

Characters In This Subclass
  • Enzo (Increases the amount of ammo their allies can hold and supplies allies with extra ammo)


A Debuffer’s role is to provide support on the battlefield by weakening the enemy. They can deal damage, but their main priority is debuffing opponents in a variety of ways.

Characters In This Subclass


This is probably incredibly obvious, but this Support subclass heals allies (and themselves, of course)!

Characters In This Subclass
  • Yujin (Heals allies with drones and buffs allies)

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